Podcasting 101: So, You Want to Start a Business Podcast?

What do you need to do to start your own business podcast? We’re covering the ins and outs of podcasting - from picking your topic to getting into iTunes.

Podcasts seem to be taking over the world today. They cover a wide array of topics, giving audience niches everywhere fresh new content to enjoy. If you’re one of the millions of people who regularly listen to podcasts, you understand why they have become so popular. And perhaps you yourself have thought about giving the…

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Voice Search and The Opportunity for Local Businesses

Google’s search results are highly personalized and based on your geographical location. This is why focusing on your business’ local SEO is critical!

When was the last time you entered a search on Google? If you’re like most, you probably did a Google or voice search this morning. Or perhaps that’s how you found this blog. When your results came up, what did they look like? Depending on your search, Google may have provided you with a localized…

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An Introduction to SERP

Prior to 2007, Google was just a search engine. Flash forward to today and it's so much more than that. So let's dive in and get to know the SERP.

An introduction to SERP. I’ve often found myself reminiscing as of late. Back to simpler times. Prior to 2007, Google used to be the same. You typed in a phrase or name and you would get ten blue lines. Ten blue lines with the SEO title, some metadata about the page and the actual link…

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Website elements that you must have in 2018

website elements

Website elements – what should you include? If you want to attract customers through the internet, get them to choose you over your competition, and give the impression that you’re a credible company with up-to-date skills and services, having a good-quality website is invaluable. If people who look for services or products like yours online…

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SEO Content Marketing Strategy

SEO Content Marketing Strategy

As the business world evolves, content marketing has risen to increase prominence in the field of client attraction. People are tired of having ads that give them no value pushed in their face, and they’re looking for useful, actionable information that they can consume on their own terms, and that makes their life better in…

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Blogging for SEO

blogging for SEO

7 SEO Blog Traits of Blogs that Rank Well in Search Engines Blogging is a powerful way to boost your search rankings, help customers who are interested in your products and services to find you, and build trust and goodwill by showing your expertise and giving your clients value before you ask them to buy…

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Web Design selection – 12 considerations

web design

Web design and web development firm considerations At onCOREventures, the CORE of our digital marketing implementation is your website.  To get a website designed and developed and then implemented we have to touch so many other things like Social Media and Local Foundation Management, but at the CORE is your website. Our approach to all…

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Ideal Client Worksheet – your customer avatar

ideal client worksheet

Who/What Is a Customer Avatar? In working with our clients in both our coaching practice and our marketing agency projects, we set a lot of foundation work in order to lock in their ideal client(s) for their specific services.  We feel a lot of resistance during this part of the process.  Probably because most business owners think that their…

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Pittsburgh SEO practices in 2018

Pittsburgh SEO Marketing On-Core Ventures

How are you handling Pittsburgh SEO in 2018? For some businesses, ranking high in local online searches is vital for getting new customers. If the geographic range of your service is inherently limited by driving distance, or you’re a business like a restaurant that only serves clients within the walls of its own building, you…

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Small Business SEO – Blogging and Keywords

small business SEO

Small Business SEO – How to Use Blogging and Keywords SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential if you want your customers to find you. Without it, you’re all but invisible to search engines and the people who use them, so those customers are likely to find and buy from your competitors instead. The trouble…

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