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SEO Services

onCOREventures SEO Services

Our approach

  • We develop strategic marketing engagements
  • All of our engagements include SEO and SEM where they are cost effective and part of the client's strategy
  • We offer additional SEO project work when client requirements demand it

Our SEO is built in from the ground up:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Directory Submission

We offer add-on services to our packages that are designed for clients with the need for more effort with technical site SEO and content improvements.

On Page SEO Services

All of our websites include Yoast Premium and our marketing consultants are Yoast trained and certified - in addition:

  • We establish Moz campaigns for each of our solutions customers
  • We run a Moz on page grader on every page we develop and will not accept a score of less than 90 for any content page
  • We speed optimize all production sites and monitor for uptime
  • We use Schema knowledge card integration to Yext for clients where that is important.

Content is mapped to the Customer Journey

  • SEO is just the starting point we factor
  • Social media promotion - Google promotion of blogs
  • Landing Pages and conversion tools
  • Marketing automation for Drip Campaigns
SEO Services
SEO Services

It is more than just SEO Services

Effective SEO for sites today takes work.  Our base packages set a foundation with on-page SEO, but it takes more than just dealing with each page and hoping that readers will figure out how to navigate your site.

Our Jumpstart extension SEO Packages

For clients that want to make a big impact quickly, we provide a complete SEO audit and implementation plan that covers an expanded site correction when we take over your website.  This plan includes:

  • Keyword ranking and review
  • Sitemap planning
  • Content and meta updates
  • Integration in local directory and social media accounts
  • Google AdWords integration for coordinated SEM campaign management

Off Page SEO Services

We also extend our marketing packages with additional off-page SEO related activities.  We create a custom plan for each full-service digital marketing customer and marketing department customer

SEO Services