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Identity System

Identity System - Branding - is much more than a flashy logo and clever tagline. In fact, it is so much more. From color, designs, typefaces, and logos, all of these elements should come together to create the best first impression your company can make. All interactions your customers have with your company actually starts with an interaction with your business identity.

Rebranding or enhancement?

Whether you feel it’s time for a rebrand or desire to enhance what you already have, here at onCOREventures, we want to help you find the look and feel of the company of your dreams. We will work with you from everything from logo design to stationery to identity management in order to help you build the strongest corporate identity possible.

We work through these core elements early on in all of our full packages so you are establishing your brand from the beginning of our engagement.

Identity System Items included

  1. Logo design (or update)
  2. Full Color
  3. Black and White
  4. Secondary Mark
  5. Color Palate
  6. Type Selection
  7. Stationary
  8. Business Cards
  9. Letterhead
  10. Envelopes
  11. Social Media Design
  12. Facebook Cover and Profile Image
  13. Twitter Profile, Header, and Background
  14. LinkedIn
  15. Youtube, Pinterest, etc