Human Operating System Assessment

Are you working in a way that’s aligned with your strengths? A way that empowers you to live with authenticity and achieve your maximum level of productivity, efficiency, fulfillment, and joy?

Who Are You at Your Core?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re trying to fit a role that isn’t right for you? Or that you are forcing yourself to operate in ways that don’t fit your personality, abilities and needs? If so, take our free Core Values Index assessment and find out why.

What Works for Others
Might Not Work for You

Just as Windows is different from macOS, and iOS is different from Android, each of us has our own unique but similar Human Operating System. If you try to use a Windows computer like a macOS, you’ll find yourself unable to complete certain tasks, or performing them in slow and inefficient ways.

While the human personality is remarkably adaptable, every person has a core set of values, preferences, and needs that make them uniquely suited to operate in a specific way. When you work with your core values and abilities, you will accomplish more, achieve your goals faster, and enjoy the journey far more than you would if you kept trying to work in a way that isn’t suited to you.

That’s why we use the Core Values Index™ (CVI™) tool: a simple assessment that reveals your innate preferences and nature in clear, specific terms. While other assessments measure your changeable capabilities and skill set, or your adaptability (whether or not you can force-fit yourself or someone else into a role), this assessment helps you to understand who you are at your core, so instead of trying to squeeze yourself into a box that doesn’t fit you, you can see exactly how to leverage your energy and strengths in your life, relationships, and career.


The Four Core Values



Power & Faith

Power is the positive drive to get things done.

People with a lot of this energy just decide and do. They don’t drag their feet or spend a lot of time questioning their actions, and they help to keep others in action when they’d otherwise hesitate or procrastinate. Their contribution to the team is to produce actions and results.

When confronted by an obstacle, a person with a lot of Power energy may seek to intimidate the source of the obstacle or the people they deem necessary to overcome it. They fear impotence and attempt to exert their power when they’re in conflict.

When you harness and guide your Power energy with maturity and understanding, it becomes a huge asset not just to you, but to everyone around you.



Love & Truth

People with strong Love energy, or the Merchant energy as the assessment calls it, have a vision and honor the truth. They learn by talking and listening, and they often need to hear themselves talk in order to process things, so they frequently think out loud.

They fear rejection and strive to create harmony with the people around them.

People with love or merchant energy will move to manipulation when they are in conflict.  They first convince themselves that what is true for them is true for everyone and then they charm their partner or associate into accepting the validity of their views.  Typically this only works one to two times with most people which leads to rejection and isolation. The thing that they fear the most.



Wisdom & Compassion

Wisdom is all about applied knowledge. In a team setting, their greatest contribution is their ability to assess facts, solve puzzles and problems, and come up with actionable solutions. They support this skill by continuously learning new areas and disciplines.

People with Wisdom as their primary Core Value live with and are driven by deep compassion, and they often use their wisdom to try to solve others’ problems.

When they are forced into conflict – often by someone questioning their “wise” interpretation – they use interrogation to try to shift the blame away from themselves. Being driven by wisdom, they fear to look foolish and avoid it whenever possible.



Knowledge & Justice

Knowledge is all about getting facts and an abundance of details. People with this Core Value love to read and analyze different data sources, and they will never be caught without lots of detailed information to support any argument they come up with.

They are driven by justice, as defined through law and/or cultural norms and expectations. The assessment refers to this as the “Banker” energy – the same energy that led some people in primitive times to bank coals from one day to the next, so they could easily start fires when it got dark.

Bankers’ primary contribution is to conserve information. They love to research, and they learn by reading and analyzing, so the Internet is their close friend.

When faced with conflict, they will avoid it and appear aloof, but when things don’t turn out “right”, they love telling the same person they were not inclined to disagree with that they told them so, even if they did not.

Your Core Values
Cannot Be Changed

Many facets of your personality can be adapted, evolved, improved or made worse, but your Core Values are different. You didn’t get them through learned experience; they exist inside you from birth, and they’re inherent in your essential character.

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself, you can’t change what your Core Values are, but you CAN change the way you express and act upon them, and choose to work in harmony with them instead of having them work against you.

When you do this, everything becomes easier, because now every task and action is being performed in a way that’s aligned with your natural strengths. This frees you to live with confidence and authenticity, instead of trying to force yourself to act like a person you’re not.

According to Taylor Protocols

The CVI™ is the only human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values in a forced-choice format, to gain unequivocal insight into the innate nature of the person. Since the CVI™ is comprised of only positive values, no such negative disclosure is required, and no context is provided. The CVI™ provides a 94% repeat-score reliability, year over year. Other assessments typically provide reliability between 60% and 80%.

This is several orders of magnitude improvement – which shows that not only are we capturing the innate, unchanging nature of people but also that the instrument is accurate and valid.


onCOREventures is a Taylor Protocols VAR

Frederick Geiger is certified on the debriefing of the results of the Core Values Index™.  We use this valuable tool in working with clients to identify their core purpose, passion, and giftedness - all important for your creation or operation of your On-CoreVenture.

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