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Why Us?

We created onCOREventures for honest business owners – people who want to operate in harmony with their core values and want to attract people that are the right people for them to work with by telling them the truth about what they do.  But they do not know where to begin.  They have tried different service providers but do not know if the results worked or not.

The people who attend our marketing strategy workshops and use our marketing strategy consulting services usually fit the following criteria. They are:

  • Professional-services companies with 5-100 employees; consulting, software companies, doctors, wellness professionals, dentists, lawyers, speakers, coaches
  • Got into business to provide excellent service – or create a cool new tool – or be creative – or heal – became a business owner as a result
  • Their business has grown and they realize that they have to manage it and become a business owner and that means growing it for the sake of the stability of their employees
  • Expert at the technical aspects of they do.
  • They are honest, well-respected and distrustful of marketing and sales
  • Motivated to market their business, wanting a consistent flow of business
  • Want to take better advantage of the internet, social media, SEO, PPC and do not know where to begin and who to trust
  • Believe in the value of referrals, but are baffled by networking events
  • Understand the need to spend TIME and MONEY on marketing but are not even sure where to begin and who to trust
  • Willing to experiment as long as results are trackable and can be proven and repeated

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Where Do We Meet?

Our clients are busy, working professionals. We know you don't have extra time to travel for meetings, therefore we come to you! We work in a virtual world for productivity gains and the lifestyle it allows us to have!

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