Consulting Blueprint

Our consulting blueprint provides you with a strategic marketing plan that you can implement in your business to drive the results you want

What Do You Get
When We Work Together?

In Your Strategic Marketing package, you will receive the following components to help you achieve your business goals

Client Interviews

10-15 ideal client interviews completed by the consultant. You will receive access to full recordings, interview transcripts, and high-level summaries.

Competitive Research

You'll get a detailed report on competitive factors for 4-6 of your top competitors - including a full analysis on why their business is as successful as it is.

Ideal Client Personas

We'll help you get a deeper understanding of each of your market segments. These overviews explains which initiatives are most likely to turn them into clients

Core Messaging

We'll help you to clearly define what makes you different from other people in your industry, so you stand out from the competition.

Marketing Hourglass

Your consultant and the other members of your OnCore team will collaboratively brainstorm all the ways in which you can get your clients to know, like, and trust you.

Content Calendar

You'll get a clear plan for your content marketing, so you know what type of content to use for specific goals , and 12 monthly themes to use.


4-6 of your highest-level strategies, mapped out with detailed tactics to help you reach your goals, so you always know which step to take next.

Planning Your Marketing Plan

Our plan, which is based on the proven Duct Tape Marketing Plan, focuses on strategy, and on creating and optimizing the core elements that you need in order to attract clients.

Your first step is to determine who your ideal client is, so you can focus your marketing efforts on the people who are the most likely to buy from you, and you don’t waste time or money on people who are unlikely to make a purchase.

Next, you bring them through a journey of Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat and Refer that establishes your credibility, earns their trust, and turns them into repeat clients who refer lots of additional clients to you.

Marketing Strategy Deliverables


Competitive Landscape

The competitive research step in the Strategy First engagement consists of a mix of using competitive research tools and doing a bit of manual research to look for any themes or opportunities to set your business apart from competitors.


Core Message Plan

We help start at your core to begin creating a messaging strategy to build upon. It consists of a clearly defined unique core difference, talking logo, and messaging for using your core difference when reaching different target markets.

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Content Roadmap

 We help you identify your core content hub themes and topics in order to create a relevant content calendar. We also provide you with a list of key themes that will be the focus of any content and SEO opportunities.

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