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Personal assistant – not everyone can afford one, a human one anyway. Today, I want to talk about how to begin to run your Business With More Ease and Efficiency by Using an Automated Personal Assistant.

Do you have tasks that you’re tired of doing the hard way, or tired of doing at all, and a burning need to get them off your plate? If so, an automated personal assistant could make your life a lot easier.

In this age of acceleration, people are always finding ways to make time-worn tasks more efficient.

From 3D printing and biohacking to all-in-one CRM systems and social media scheduling software, there are countless ways to use modern technology to save yourself time and money.

Today, I’m going to explore a category of valuable tools that could make your work day a lot more productive, easy and efficient: automated personal assistants.

What’s an automated personal assistant?

An automated personal assistant is a program that organizes part of your life, or helps you to automate certain tasks or perform them more easily.

There’s a variety of assistant programs out there, designed to perform a wide range of functions, including:

  1. Organizing your information into an easily accessible format.
  1. Auto-generating reminders, so you never miss important things like appointments, birthdays, bills or events.
  1. Enabling teammates to collaborate with each other on documents, spreadsheets and checklists.
  1. Accepting voice commands, so you don’t have to type or use the mouse.

How can you use an automated personal assistant to save time?

Here are three ways you can save time and simplify your life with a personal assistant:

  1. Make quick notes while you’re in the car.

If you drive a lot, you probably spend a great deal of time waiting for lights to turn green. If that’s the case, you can use that time to make notes, send messages, look up information, add things to your to-do list, and set reminders with voice-controlled personal assistants like Siri.

If you have a headset, you can even do this hands-free, so you can make phone calls and be productive while you’re driving, without ever having to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

  1. Control the devices in your home.

If you have trouble concentrating on your work because you often need to adjust the lighting or temperature in your home, close the garage door after your kids, or otherwise attend to mundane tasks around the house, you might want to invest in voice-controlled smart devices.

With these devices, you can control your lights and thermostat, command your security and doors, vacuum your floors, see how much gas you have in your car’s tank, use your intercoms, and perform a wide variety of other tasks, all without getting up from your chair and interrupting your workflow.

  1. Organize your schedule and information.

Some people have trouble concentrating on their work because there are so many tasks to be done that they don’t know where to start, or because they’re afraid of losing track of time and forgetting something important.

Others need to take extra time to get ready for tasks and events, because their information is scattered throughout their devices, so they have to set aside additional time to track it all down.

Automated personal assistants can help you to organize your information, remind you when important events are about to start, manage your calendar, and much more.

For many people, technology is a source of distraction and overwhelm – but with the right personal assistant, it can become a source of order and productivity instead.

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