Biohacking: How It’s Happening Right Now, and What’s Next


Biohacking? Did you know that, if you left your house today, you might have met at least five cyborgs?

Not long ago, such a statement would have seemed like something out of a tabloid or a sci-fi novel. But today, it’s true – and this innovation in technology could not just change your life, but possibly even SAVE it someday.

What is biohacking?

Not to worry – it’s not like the scary images you may have seen in novels and TV shows. The world isn’t about to be overrun by the Borg.

In fact, the cyborgs you probably met are perfectly normal people who have integrated technology into their bodies to improve or monitor some aspect of their health.

Smart insulin monitoring systems, pacemakers, bionic eyes, and Cochlear implants are all examples of biohacking.

Another example of this advanced medical technology is ingestibles, or a type of smart pill that uses wireless technology to monitor your body’s internal reactions to medications.

This helps doctors to determine the optimum dosage level for you, and to tailor their treatments to different people. No two bodies absorb or process medication exactly the same way, so doctors use this technology to determine which treatment works best with your unique system.

With the advent of ingestibles, painful and intrusive colonoscopies and endoscopies might one day be replaced by tiny pill-shaped cameras, which collect and transmit images as they travel painlessly through your digestive tract.

This path of technological development shouldn’t come as a surprise. In the last ten years, the iPhone has become as powerful as desktop computers – a technology that already existed when the iPhone was first introduced.

Technology keeps getting smaller, more powerful, more efficient and more versatile, so why not use it to the best advantage when it comes to the most precious machine of all: our bodies?

Medical biohacking can actually save your life.

How many heart patients have had a cardiac event, and been unable to contact help in time?

With biohacking, this tragic event can be prevented by using devices that monitor your system, and are programmed to automatically send an alert to the EMTs when your cardiac system starts to fail.

Biohacking is also improving other areas of life.

Near field communication, or NFC, is making networking easier. By getting a small chip implanted under your skin, you can literally store computer data in your body – such as, for example, a link to your contact page.

That way, all people have to do is scan you with their smart phone, and it takes them straight to the page where you want them to enter their data. This can be a great conversation piece, and it gives you a novel and easy way to encourage people to connect with you during events. This isn’t the only data a biochip can contain. You can store your credit and bank card information, key cards, business cards, and frequent shopper loyalty cards – everything you used to have to fumble for in your pockets or purse.

You can even use these chips to unlock NFC-capable doors, or – if you use an automated assistant like Alexa – you can control a wide variety of household devices just by entering a room!

This could have a powerful impact on the lives of people who are blind, paralyzed, or otherwise limited in their ability to easily find or interact with common appliances. Through biohacking, tasks that once took an undue amount of time and effort can be made easy.

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