Local Success Program

Getting found as a small business starts with Local SEO


What is Included in our Local SEO Offering?

Three services that work to provide an online Foundation for your local marketing efforts


Directory Management

Online tool to publish to 70 key online directories including Google, Alexa, Facebook, Yelp and Bing

Reputation Management

Monitoring of your reputation in the form of reviews posted on the Internet at all major and most minor directories


Local Content

Local content is an underutilized tool that small business can add to their content marketing strategy which includes informative blog posts, graphics, videos, guides, or any content that targets a location.

Get Your Total Online Local Audit Report

There is no obligation for our free audit and review of your website and your local marketing efforts.  Our audit takes about two weeks for us to complete the work and schedule an hour-long online computer review of your results.


Find Out How You Fare in Your Local Marketing Efforts

Our total local online audit is free to local Pittsburgh businesses - simply fill out this short form!


Local Success Core Components

  • Website and Keywords Review

    How is your website setup from an internal perspective as well as the external view? What keywords are you trying to rank for and how is that working for you? What are the top three things you can do to improve your website?


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  • SEO Review and Recommendations

    Are you doing anything for SEO and what results are you getting and why?  SEO has changed over the last two years - how well positioned are you for 2019? We have local clients using SEO to drive traffic to their site. See if their story can be your story.


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  • Analysis of Your Content's Effectiveness

    Content in 2019 is much different than it was even last year. How effective is your content for your ideal clients? How often do you update your website content? How does your content support the customer journey of your ideal client?


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  • Website Structure and Conversion

    Many businesses send their traffic to their home page for all of their pay per click campaigns - where is your traffic going and is it converting? What can be done to improve your conversion on your best entry product offering so you can grow your business?


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  • Reputation Management and Interal Client Support

    Millennials and GenZ are technically savvy consumers who don't always trust corporations or business. With more and more people are relying on reviews when making a purchase, your reputation is more important than ever!


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  • Social Media and Content Marketing

    Social Media in 2019 is being changed in front of our eyes. And with it comes a million new questions. When should you be posting? What platforms should you use? And what types of content should you use to reach your ideal client where they now hang out?!


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