AI – Local Marketing

AI - Local Marketing

It’s No Joke: How AI Can Boost Your Local Marketing Game (And How to Get Started!)

Ladies and gentlemen, the future of marketing is here, and it’s not a flying car or a billboard on the moon (though those sound fun, too). Instead, the game-changer we’re talking about is artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s not just for the big guns anymore. As a local business owner, you, too, can reap the benefits of AI in your marketing efforts. So, buckle up and put on your (thinking) caps; we’re about to show you how AI can revolutionize your local marketing game with simple examples even a cave dweller could implement! (No offense to cavemen.)

Chatbot Chit-Chat: Your 24/7 Virtual Sales Rep

Think of a chatbot as your very own digital genie, always ready to answer questions, book appointments, or solve problems at any hour of the day. With a witty AI chatbot on your website or Facebook page, your customers will feel like they’re chatting with a human, and you’ll never have to worry about those pesky late-night inquiries again.

Example: Use a platform like Chatfuel or ManyChat to create a simple chatbot that helps users book appointments, find store hours, or get directions.

Picture Perfect: AI-Generated Visual Content

A picture is worth a thousand words, and AI-generated visuals can save you a thousand headaches. AI tools like DeepArt or RunwayML can create stunning visuals for your social media, website, or print materials without breaking the bank (or your brain).

Example: Need a new banner image for your Facebook page? Use an AI-powered tool to create an eye-catching design that features your logo and a local landmark.

The Keyword Whisperer: AI – Local Marketing SEO

As a local business, you want to be the talk of the town. But first, you need to be the talk of the search engines. AI can help you uncover those elusive keywords that will help you rank higher in search results, and tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs can give you the inside scoop on what your customers are searching for. We have used SEMrush for the last ten years, and the tools improve constantly.  In fact, SEMrush even offers a month-to-month way of getting steep discounts on Yext for local citation management – another signal for Local SEO

Example: Use an AI-driven keyword research tool to find the most searched-for terms related to your business, then sprinkle them throughout your website and blog content like magical fairy dust.

Social (Media) Butterflies: AI for Social Media Management

Social media can feel like a full-time job, but AI can make managing your online presence a breeze. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Lately offer AI-powered scheduling and content curation to help you stay consistent and relevant without the time commitment.  We use Cloud Campaign for this, and there is a beta version that will even generate post content using a Chat-GPT API to give you ideas on what content to post.

Example: Use an AI-driven scheduler to automatically post your best-performing content at optimal times, so you can focus on running your business (or enjoying a well-deserved margarita).

AI – Local Marketing Conclusion

It’s time to stop fearing AI and embrace it as the ultimate sidekick for your local marketing efforts. Our simple examples allow even the most technologically challenged business owners to implement AI-driven strategies to boost their online presence, attract more customers, and save time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this AI party started!  If you want another set of eyes on your marketing strategy, please contact us for a complimentary exploratory session.

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