Ideal Client Persona Interview Worksheet

Ideal client persona - once you have your ideal client defined it is time to move to the interview phase with a number of potential clients that are representative of your perfect client for your business.


What information does you client consume and how do they consume it - more importantly what forms of content do they like - do they like to reach - look at images or watch videos - maybe listen to a podcast or audio file.

How do they use the Internet - mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop?  What content forms are in use in each form factor?

WHat social network are they in especially emerging social networks?  To this form created in 2014, I would now add - who do they trust for content?  What forms of user-generated content do they like to review - you should read this blog before proceeding. on 12 Social Media Trends in 2018


The motivation questions on the form below are self-explanatory for the most part.

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