Ideal Client Description

The Ideal Client description is the building block for your marketing collateral development.  Knowing the ideal client description is key to being able to ask current clients and potential referral partners for an introduction to this client.

Start with the last question - the biographical sketch.  Your client's backstory will give you the hopes, dreams, and fears that drive behavior.  What was their childhood like - were they the products of divorced parents, or a nurturing family?  Are they the children of alcoholic parents?  Did they play sports?  How did they perform in school? Are they self-taught?

Once you have the biography down you can work on behaviors today that qualifies them for your services.  Perhaps they have addicted themselves and your therapy will help them.  Perhaps they are self-taught and your online educational course is right up their alley.  But until you can identify the mindset of your clients and add that information to your ideal client's description you will not be able to identify the goals related to the purchase of your services.

These first two steps take us to the goals for the purchase of your services - these goals should be the benefits that you offer already f you have chosen your ideal client wisely - if not you might want to rethink either your ideal client's description or what you offer them.

Finally, give your client a name.  Make it a name that works with the age and gender of the client if your client is in the business to consumer space - see this detailed blog for a description of the process to be followed in detail.

If your service offering is the business to the business community - identify real clients that you want to do business with as potential clients and use these clients and research about them to determine your answers to the questions on the ideal client description worksheet.  When you are finished with this assignment move on to the ideal client worksheet to document additional information about your customer avatar.


Ideal Client Description Form S-4

Ideal Client Description Form S-4

For any strategy and corresponding set of tactics to work they must appeal to someone. The first element, and in some cases the primary element, is who. Develop your marketing strategy around a narrowly defined ideal client above all.

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Enter client name - such as Marketing Mary
The secret to attracting, as opposed to hunting, your ideal client is to understand what makes them tick, and what triggers them to go looking for someone like you.
What behavior qualities do your ideal clients typically exhibit that may act as another marker for you to focus on?
The idea here is that you create a picture of your ideal client through the use of words and images that are so rich, just about anyone could conjure up a vision of such a client.
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