Ideal Client Worksheet Instructions

When you are filling out this form it is important to get yourself in the mindset of your ideal client.  Put yourself in the frame of mind that they would be in when they are looking for a solution to a problem that you might have a solution for. Your clients are looking to solve problems - they are not looking for features a the beginning of the customer journey.

In this case, focused on the problem that they are trying to solve, what is the major factor that is important to them now.  For example - assume you are a personal trainer one clients, might be looking to look better - another looking to become healthy - still, another looking to not be seen as a ninety-eight-pound weakling.  All three might be ideal clients but each one of these has different factors that are important.  Your ninety-eight-pound weakling might be afraid of being beaten up by bullies.  The person looking to lose weight might want to fit into a dress or suit for a wedding.

Success speaks to the benefits of working with you as you build out your marketing plan.  Your welterweight client might be seen as strong and virile.  Your weight loss clients seen as handsome or pretty.

Make this personal - you want to speak to a person, not a robot.  If you need help thinking about this form use the ten things you need to know about your ideal client to help you.

Ideal Client Persona Worksheet Form S-5

Ideal Client Persona Worksheet Form S-5

Answer the questions below to help develop a clear picture of your ideal client.

Use of this form is limited to clients of onCOREventures. The form is Copyright 2014 by Duct Tape Marketing.

Please enter a descriptive name for this specific ideal client - you will fill out one form for each client - do not combine different ideal clients - be specific to one client - such as Marketing Mary
Be specific about the things that this client is looking for answers about. Examples are "how can I lose weight?", or "why don't people click on my Internet Google ad." Be specific and use terms the client would use, not jargon.
Paint a descriptive picture of success, that is what the outcome would be from working with you. For example, "I would look great on vacation at the beach." Or "I would get people clicking on my ads and buying my awesome product."
Be specific about what would stop them, things such as fear of failure, lack of trust in you, and lack of money for purchasing a solution.
List the ways that your ideal client will use for identifying solutions, who will they talk to, and where will they do the research?
List the steps they will take to make a decision, and try to identify your ideal client's approach in the order they will take, such as researching the problem, identifying possible solutions, and identifying the best one. You will be on the way to coming up with your sales process for this client when you are done.
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