Group Coaching and Education

We Know First Hand How Hard it is to Run a Small Business

Especially when it comes to attracting clients. Without clients, your business is doomed to fail, so marketing is one of the most vital skills that an entrepreneur can have. The bad news is, marketing doesn’t come naturally to most people. But the good news is, it’s a skill that anyone can learn. Our Marketing Coaching Packages will help you to be more strategic in your marketing efforts so you can stop wasting time, effort and money on strategies that don’t work, and focus on the ones that DO.

Attracting clients to a small business can be a huge challenge – but it doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as it is for most people.

Group Coaching

For a base cost as low as $25/person, our group coaching offering creates a structured learning environment that teaches you how to authentically market your business. This service is for groups of 6 or more individuals looking to gain a better understanding of available marketing strategies. Every month, you’ll meet with Frederick to get in-depth answers to your questions, email support, encouragement, and accountability to keep you moving toward your goals. You will also receive direct feedback on your action steps, so you’re never left guessing what to do next in order to create success.

Bonus Offerings

For those wanting extra guidance, Frederick is happy to host private sessions for any member of a coaching group

Online Coaching

For those with overbooked calendars, get the marketing guidance you want on your schedule.

* All coaching engagements require a 6-month minimum commitment. The minimum size of each group is 12 people. The group is to provide a location for the coaching sessions.