The Wisdom of Winnie the Pooh: Introduction to Consciousness

Inspired by the new Winnie the Pooh movie, this blog begins a deep dive into the seven levels of consciousness. And how we can shift into the highest level.

This weekend. my wife and I borrowed our nephew and nieces to have an excuse to go see Christopher Robin. We were expecting to be entertained, just like when we took the same group to see Paddington.  What a gift it was to see this Disney movie without expectation. And I laughed to myself as I recognized the levels of consciousness in the 100-acre woods. For the next four weeks, we are going to dive into the different levels of consciousness. And how we can shift to the highest level. And ultimately grow not just our businesses, but in our own lives as well.

Levels of Consciousness and the 100-Acre Woods

In the 100-acre woods, it is always a sunny day when Christopher Robin comes to play. Pooh asks Christopher what day it is. And Christopher replies “Today”. And although Pooh could have responded with anything, he quickly replies with, ”My favorite day”.  The path to higher consciousness is through joy. Pooh is the ultimate example of this, as it is always a sunny day when Christopher Robin comes to play. It is through being present in the moment that leads us down this path to consciousness.

Let’s Play “Say What We See”

Pooh loves to play the game “Say What We See.”  It’s a quirky approach to mindfulness, as he has to stay in the moment. Pooh tells Christopher every single thing he sees. These things include a tree, a house, and the sun.  It drives the adult Christopher crazy. This is because he is working hard. And does not want the interruption of his childhood creation simply “being who is is”.  Later, a semi transformed Christopher finds himself doing the same. He begins detaching from projections and thoughts and seeing what is there.

When Eeyore Plays the Game

The two friends play the same game with the rest of their friends from the 100-acre wood. They all have their experiences to filter the things they see. However, it is Eeyore, Mr. Gloom, who has the most negative outlook. When Eeyore plays the game, he sees disgrace, shame, and humiliation. Pooh replies, “Well that is one way if looking at it”.  Eeyore is the classic victim. He represents the lowest level of energy or consciousness.  Pooh tries to guide him out of that level. And tells him there is another way of looking at life.

Interestingly, Eeyore thinks it is Wednesday even though it is Sunday. Remember how Pooh says each day is “my favorite day”? Well, Eeyore has a different tagline. And says “this is my worst day”. We too can fall into that trap. It is difficult to simply see “what is” like Pooh. We, like Eeyore, often use our own life filters to see what we want to see.

Christopher Robins Shift to Consciousness

Now, I don’t want to just give away the storyline. But I do want to reflect on an ending note. At the end of the movie, Christopher is able to turn around the fortunes of the company he works for. How does he do this, you may wonder? Well, he did it by listening to his best childhood friends. He looked at things a different way.  What do you need to look at differently in your business? What things are you seeing as they are? And what things are you filtering and projecting upon?

Jumping (space) ships for a moment. In Star Trek Insurrection, Data learns that you need to have a little bit of fun every day.  How can you have a little bit of fun today in your business? And how can you bring back the curiosity and play of childhood? Contact us if you need a helping hand to rediscover what that is. And how to see things as they are and rise into a higher level of consciousness.

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