Email Marketing and Networking

Old email tactics of yesterday no longer work - for small brick and mortar businesses, that means combining your email marketing and networking strategies.

If you have an email address (we’re guessing you probably have a few of them), you understand how much “junk” you get a day. Promotions and sales for material goods you don’t need. Newsletters from a company you accidentally signed up for when you entered to win a free vacation. Other newsletters from your favorite…

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Social Media

Social media is a great place to be honest and transparent with your audience. Here are a few tips in regard to your small business’s social media strategy.

In a sense, social media has completely changed the culture in the 21st century. It allows us to connect with those on the other side of the world, people who you would never meet in “real” life. It has bred the career of “influencer”. Social media has even fueled movements. It is the next phenomenon…

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Why You Need to Show Customer Appreciation

Fast-paced, digital lifestyles have caused customer appreciation to be a lost art. Try taking an old-school approach to help your company stand out.

Customer expectations are high in today’s world. And thanks to innovative technology, those expectations are only going to increase. Consumers want quick, mobile-optimized websites full of accurate information. They want to be able to use voice search and they want instant answers. But most importantly, consumers want to be treated with appreciation and respect. In…

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Strategic Referral Partnerships

referral partnerships

Ten Elements You Need to Create Strategic Referral Partnerships Referral Partnerships – when I was running product management for a software company the first thing I tried to do when launching a new product was fill in the missing features of our solution through the creation of strategic partnerships. In my five years of coaching…

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