Freedom Crossing North East Landscape Survey

Freedom Crossing North East Landscape Survey

We are developing a landscape master plan to address and remediate various landscaping issues in our community, such as poor soil base, sparse lawns, trees planted too close to homes, and outdated rock beds. Your input is vital to ensure that the plan reflects the needs and preferences of our residents. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, which will help us create a beautiful and sustainable landscape.

This survey is not a ballot but input for the board and the working group creating the landscape master plan. Your input is vital to guide the board into making decisions that best reflect the desires of the community.

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How satisfied are you with our landscaping:
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Look and Feel of the Community
Individual Home Foundation Planting
Plastic Edge and Rock Bed
Importance of sustainability in the landscape master plan? (e.g., use of native plants, drought-tolerant species, permeable surfaces)
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Native Plants
Natural Surfaces
Drought Toleration
What type of ground cover would you prefer to see in the re-landscaped areas of the community?

Rate the Following Factors in terms of importance to you - on a scale of zero - not important to 100 being very important. These values will be used to prioritize the investment timing and work scheduling for improvements.

Are you interested in working on the plan creation this summer?
We currenty spend $82.37 per month per unit on landscape maintenance. How much additional investment are you willing to make on a monthly basis in order to see the landscaping improvements that you want? Please select the range that best reflects your preference: