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How to stay open

Is this you?

Your phone is not ringing

Ever since you closed in March, it seems many people think you are still closed even though you opened in June

Website traffic is down

Your website never was a powerhouse and those that do come leave immediately

The news scares the hell out of you

Fake news from the left and the right is driving you crazy - even when you agree with the talking head

Your messages on Social media are not being seen

Gloom, doom , political lies, hey look at me, How does your message get out?

It can be different - you can obtain the new normal

What people say about our approach

Over the last two years with Frederick and On-Core Ventures, I’m pursuing my dream. I am a small business owner in Western Pennsylvania.... he has given me the confidence and knowledge to take this step.


Tiffany Nolan

Frederick has helped me with staffing issues and developing an affordable and effective marketing plan...working with him has reduced my stress level and helped me establish a work/life balance.

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Josh Koach
Boo's Bug Stoppers

How to Stay Open

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